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24/7/365 Support

Problems with your IT environment can emerge at any time of the day or night. When your company is facing a technology emergency, the last thing you want to do is leave a message on a call line or spend time filling out a ticket. DeltaVision is available around-the-clock, every day of the year, to solve your problems.

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IBM AIX Support

As IBM trained experts, the team at DeltaVision provides invaluable support for your AIX operating system. With AIX support, you maintain the high availability your customers and clients demand.

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Data Center Migration & Consolidation

Data center migrations can be risky and time-consuming. You want to minimize downtime and ensure that all your mission-critical data is relocated safely. The DeltaVision team can work with you to plan and carry out a smooth migration.

In this era of big data, companies need to design data centers that store data efficiently. DeltaVision will work with you to find ways to store more data, using fewer servers, so you can save real estate and energy costs. We can help AIX, Linux, and IBM i clients consolidate their infrastructure using IBM PowerVM.

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SAN Support & Storage Migration

A storage area network (SAN) enables your company to share data across the business and collaborate more effectively. A SAN uses intelligent switches, directors, and routers to connect storage and servers, eliminating information silos. DeltaVision can give your SAN the around-the-clock support it needs to keep running smoothly.

DeltaVision will ensure that you experience a successful storage migration. We can reduce downtime and eliminate the risk of data loss during the move.

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IBM Power

Harness the performance capabilities of today’s supercomputers by deploying IBM POWER9. POWER9 handles escalating volumes of data and helps your business create a cloud-ready environment. Competitive core performance and superior bandwidth enables your company to process data-intensive workloads and leverage artificial intelligence.

DeltaVision’s expertise in IBM hardware will ensure a smooth transition to POWER9.

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In today’s always-on culture, high levels of availability are crucial. IBM PowerHA delivers seamless business continuity and robust disaster recovery. A simplified user interface allows your company to meet storage and high availability requirements with an integrated solution that monitors availability and accelerates recovery.

DeltaVision can help your company boost its level of availability with optimized IBM Power Systems and operating systems.

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Companies are always looking for ways to meet increasing capacity demands while keeping costs down. Virtualization is an ideal way to get the most out of your infrastructure by consolidating multiple workloads onto a single server. PowerVM allows organizations to run AIX, IBM i, and Linux applications using fewer servers while leveraging the performance capabilities of IBM Power.

DeltaVision helps companies cut costs and boost ROI by taking advantage of scalable and secure IBM PowerVM.